Index: Introduction to ARIA Specification and Practices

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Index of Slides

  1. Goals
  2. Menu Button: ARIA Design Pattern
  3. Menu Button: Overview
  4. Menu Button: Inaccessible
  5. Menu Button: Keyboard Support
  6. Menu Button: Add ARIA roles, properties and states
  7. Menu Button: Keyboard Focus Styling
  8. Menu Button: High Contrast Support
  9. Navigation Links: Disclosure Pattern
  10. Using ARIA in HTML (Best Practices)
  11. None/Presentation Role
  12. Hiding Content Techniques
  13. Live Region Roles
  14. Live Region Attributes
  15. ARIA Authoring Practices
  16. ARIA Assistive Technology (AT) Community Group
  17. AInspector for Firefox
  18. Questions and Discussion