Index: Introduction to ARIA Specification and Practices

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Index of Slides

  1. Goals
  2. Summary of W3C Documents
  3. Tabindex and Keyboard Focus
  4. Accessible Name Calculation
  5. Accessible Description Calculation
  6. Other Descriptions: aria-details property
  7. Other Description: aria-invalid and aria-errormessage properties
  8. Checkbox Example: Overview
  9. Checkbox Example: Inaccessible
  10. Basic Screen Reader Commands
  11. Checkbox Example: Responding to the keyboard
  12. Checkbox Example: Adding ARIA role, checked state and accessible name
  13. Checkbox Example: Keyboard Focus and hover styling
  14. Checkbox Example: Synchronization of ARIA and visual states
  15. Checkbox Example: Summary of Accessibility Features
  16. Questions and Discussion