Index: Forms: Labeling, Instructions and Error Feedback

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  1. Forms Overview
  2. WCAG Requirements for Forms and Form Controls (Level A and AA)
  3. ARIA and HTML5 form controls
  4. Important Concepts: Role and Accessible Name
  5. Advantages of using Label Element
  6. JAWS Form Control Support
  7. NVDA Form Control Support
  8. Voice Over Form Control Support
  9. Pizza Order Form: No Labels
  10. Pizza Order Form: Label Element by Reference
  11. Pizza Order Form: Label Encapsulation
  12. Pizza Order Form: Fieldset/Legend
  13. Pizza Order Form: Focus Styling
  14. Form Evaluation and Inspection Tools and Rules
  15. Pizza Order Form: Instructions using tabindex
  16. Pizza Order Form: Instructions using label
  17. Pizza Order Form: Instructions using aria-describedy
  18. Pizza Order Form: Required Form Controls
  19. Pizza Order Form: aria-labelledby
  20. Pizza Order Form: aria-label
  21. Billing/Shipping Form: No group identification
  22. Billing/Shipping Form: Fieldset/Legend
  23. Pizza Service Survey: no labels
  24. Pizza Service Survey: aria-labelledby
  25. Form Control Labeling Technique Summary
  26. Error Feedback: Alert Box
  27. Error Feedback: List of Errors
  28. Popup Error Message Example Summary
  29. Popup Error Example 1: no reference to error message
  30. Popup Error Example 2: label[for] references error message
  31. Popup Error Example 3: aria-describedby reference to error message
  32. Popup Error Example 4: aria-errormessage reference to error message
  33. Popup Error Example 5: aria-labelledby attribute used for error message
  34. Popup Error: Best Practices