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  1. Goals
  2. Landmark Regions and HTML5 Section Elements
  3. ARIA Landmark Regions
  4. Landmark Design Example: Disability Resources and Educational Services (DRES) Website
  5. Pitfalls Observed in Initial Use of Landmark regions by Developers
  6. Landmarks on DRES Home Page
  7. DRES Home Page NVDA showing List of Landmark Regions
  8. Landmark Regions on DRES Informational Page
  9. DRES Informational Page showing NVDA List of Landmarks
  10. How Screen Readers use Landmarks and Headings
  11. General Principles of Landmark Design
  12. MAIN Landmark
  13. NAVIGATION Landmark
  14. BANNER Landmark
  15. CONTENTINFO Landmark
  16. COMPLEMENTARY Landmark
  17. REGION Landmark
  18. Screen Reader Demonstrations
  19. JAWS Landmark Support Information
  20. NVDA Landmark Support
  21. Voice Over Landmark Support
  22. Landmark and Heading Visualization Tools
  23. Landmark Region Coding Patterns
  24. Landmark Regions in ARIA Authoring Practices