Index: Links: Accessible Name, Context and Focus Styling

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Index of Slides

  1. Links overview
  2. Link usability 101
  3. WCAG 2.0 Link Requirements
  4. WCAG 2.0 technique examples
  5. Accessible name calculation
  6. Accessible description calculation
  7. Good practices for defining accessible names for links
  8. Using the ALT attribute for images
  9. JAWS Link Support
  10. NVDA Link Support
  11. Voice Over Link Support
  12. WCAG 2.0 heading context example
  13. NVDA showing list of links with no context markup
  14. Using aria-describedby to define context of a link
  15. NVDA showing List of Links with ARIA-DESCRIBEDBY identifying context
  16. Using aria-labelledby to define the context of the link
  17. NVDA showing List of Links with ARIA-LABELLEDBY identifying context
  18. Using aria-label to define the context of the link
  19. Using offscreen text to define the context of the link
  20. WCAG heading context example using grouping label
  21. Comparsion of Link Context Techniques
  22. Identifying links and link keyboard focus styling
  23. A keyboard focus and mouse hover styling strategy
  24. Keyboard focus should always be visible
  25. Link menu focus and hover styling example